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Allister Nelson

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Hi! I'm Allister Nelson, an avid fan of fantasy romance, world mythology, and writing! I'm a Pushcart Prize nominee, Spiritual Cosmopolitan, natural Washingtonian ("mile wide and an inch deep"), Tea Witch, armchair occultist, cult aficionado, Taylor Swift Truther, Caster of Literary Aspersions, professional poet masquerading as a fiction writer, and big time navel gazer.

I love to cook, bake, bike, and play with my husband and dog. I enjoy taking them on long walks, and watering them occasionally. A lifelong Washingtonian, I love writing diverse fantasy romances with a dash of intrigue and spice! Feel free to reach out to me at and check out my other works here! Please enjoy my little corner of the bookverse :)


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Dreams Like Silk - Allister Nelson Fairy Tale Collection.png

Neil Gaiman’s SMOKE AND MIRRORS meets Angela Carter’s THE BLOODY CHAMBER in this enticing, subversive collection of feminist fairytales: DREAMS LIKE SILK. Just like Hades’ fruit, when readers bite into this thrilling collection of diverse fantasy stories that have been widely published to high acclaim by a variety of venues, it will be easy to understand why Persephone forsook Earth to dance with darkness and become divine.

DREAMS LIKE SILK breathes life into familiar figures from world mythology – Tezcatlipoca trawls Craigslist for a Washingtonian roommate. Lilith comes to a Jewish shtetl in Karelia to liberate a magical weaver to be with her lady love. Death rides in a carriage called Eternity with his prized Poetess. Words go mad at Trinity College as bookbinders who chart the landscapes of beloved fables take the reins to save the Classics. Old spirits of frost, steel, and wolven blood take new names, find true love, and embark on quests with aid from Cinderellas made of glass from Notre Dame and mystical godmothers who punish and cure in equal measure.

What are the secrets of the brothers Death, Sleep, and War? Why does Odin ride the gallows and anoint the mead of poetry to the brows of girls on the lam? And if a selkie read Thomas Paine, what would happen if she forsook her pod and sealcoat for Revolution on the shores of Philadelphia? Find out in DREAMS LIKE SILK, whose stories and mythic poems have graced everywhere from Apex Magazine to Salem bookshops.

Earth Girls ARENT Easy Space Oddity Cover.png

Earth Girls AREN'T Easy! A Space Oddity of Delicious Friction and Gravity-Defying Delights!

E.T., Don't Phone Home! - Geena Davis
    Ziggi Moondust Collins is a manic pixie dream girl that went on a bender and never recovered. At least, that's what her bandmates think. Pink-haired with a moonbow on her butt, Ziggi is your average punk barista searching for meaning in suburbia.
    Too bad her artistic roommate Cyrus is an alien. He's experimenting on her, manipulating Ziggi's genome in order to accelerate humanity's evolutionary conga line. Oh yeah, and he's been at it for centuries, meddling with human biology so long the Sumerians started a religion after him. At least he makes a mean fettucine alfredo?

Salt and Metal: Jewish Demon Tales

A haunting, mesmerizing short story collection, full of forbidden knowledge and arcane demon delights...

     Step into a world where forbidden desires and supernatural allure collide in "Salt and Metal: Jewish Demon Tales." This sizzling collection of erotic stories takes you on a journey through the hidden realms of Jewish folklore, where demons lurk in the shadows, and the boundaries between pleasure and danger blur.

     Within these pages, you'll encounter alluring succubi who tempt mortal souls, tales of King Solomon's court, and ancient spirits who weave their seductive spells on unsuspecting victims. From the steamy streets of Eastern European shtetls to the modern-day metropolises, the allure of these otherworldly creatures knows no bounds.


Ashmedai; or, The Devil on Three Sticks


In the depths of Hell, where shadows dance with darkness and desires twist into nightmares, lurks Ashmedai, beloved of his adoptive mother Bathsheba, half-twin of King Solomon, bastard son of David and Agrath, searching for his place in the world. A powerful demon thirsting for a soul to claim as his own, Ashmedai sets out to find freedom. Yet, fate weaves a treacherous tapestry when he encounters Sarai, an immortal Medean alchemist bound by ancient ties to the Phoenix, and the great secrets of the Shekinah Herself.

After being exiled by his twin Solomon, and rotting away in Hell, Ashmedai, seductive and sinister, finds himself ensnared by Sarai’s beauty and tendency to poison her suitors. Despite his malevolent nature, he is drawn to her like moth to flame, his demonic heart awakening to emotions long forgotten. But Sarai, haunted by centuries of loneliness and tragedy, remains wary of her demon’s intentions. Can they overcome their fatal attraction, and survive a cantarella-spiced wedding night? Or will it end in ruin?

Ashmedai and Sarai’s simmering, tenebrous romance unfolds amidst a backdrop of supernatural intrigue and mortal peril, where love and darkness collide in the flaming womb of Hell and walls of ancient Judea.

Can the Damned be


Ashmedai or the Devil on Three Sticks Cover.png


allie tiny profile pic.png

I'm Allister Nelson, a fantasy author with a passion for writing romantic and historical fantasy. I believe that stories have the power to transport us to magical worlds and teach us valuable life lessons. I've always been a dreamer and stalwart stargazer, but it's probably at alien buttholes. My writing is inspired by my love for mythology, folklore, and history.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching fantasy movies, and traveling to new places. I hope to inspire others with my writing and bring joy to their lives.

I know Bigfoot is out there, and Mothman has a great derriere. Never stop believing in Bowie's Area or the Discordian Eris, weirdos.

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